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COVID Safety

Since the relative health and safety of our customers participating in our Agritourism activity is important us, we have initiated a set of policies and practices in our good faith effort to address the risks of Covid19  infection.  We have been guided by relevant government and industry standards especially those issued by the CDC and Virginia’s Executive Order #67. We have assessed and rated the following risks and have taken the following actions in an effort to mitigate their impact:

1. Risk of overcrowding:
For the 2020 Christmas tree season, we have switched to an “appointment only” format and have installed a booking app on our website designed to spread the timing and concentration of customers visiting the farm.  We have installed an online store for purchase of pre cut Fraser Firs and certain Christmas shop products in a “grab and go” scenario.

2. Risk of contact contamination:
We have limited access to the Christmas shop by constructing counters and railings. The main counter is close to the shop entrance and has 6 foot plus high plexiglas shields.  We have eliminated our traditional offer of hot chocolate and cider. During sales operations, the shop entrance will be open to outside air. The entrance is approximately 10 feet wide and 10 feet high.  We have installed a point of sale system with a customer facing screen that is distant from the staff.  It has a feature for contactless payment. We have added hand sanitizing containers at the payment station and near the portable toilet. There are separate stations for sanitized and non sanititized bow saws used and returned when cutting trees in the field. While securing trees on vehicles is the responsibility of the customer, we will provide pre measured sanitized rope at a designated rope rack. We have set up a secured box for cash and checks that will be sanitized before deposit.

3. Risk of exposure to higher viral loads:
We encourage the wearing of masks by our customers when paying for their trees. The staff will wear masks. We encourage social distancing when in the Christmas shop.

4. Risk of being uniformed:
We have social distancing signs at the farm
and shop entrances. The shop also has a notice that masks in the shop are required pursuant to Executive Order #67. The CDC’s sign for avoiding contamination is posted at the entrance to the shop. Our policies and practices are posted on our Facebook and website pages. Our voicemail greeting encourages the wearing of masks.