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COVID Safety

During the 2020 selling season, we initiated a number of policies and practices that were designed to mitigate the risk of Covid19 infection while at the farm. While various government statements indicate a reduced rate of Covid19 cases in Virginia, it would appear that the elimination of the pandemic is far from over. Accordingly, we will continue to practice certain risk mitigating practices including:

1) The use of plexiglas shields and contactless point of sale equipment at the sales counter.
2) Suspension of hot chocolate and cider facilities.
3) Providing hand sanitizing dispensers at the sales counter and portable toilet.
4) Sanitize all bow saws.
5) Display certain sale items outside.

While we respect that vaccinations and the wearing of masks may be a matter of personal choice, our staff as a matter of good faith prudence will wear masks at any time they are helping customers in the Christmas shop.