Hi everyone,

It won’t be long before the Christmas season starts. ┬áDid you know that the Philippines starts celebrating the Christmas season in September?

The weather this year has been great for our trees. The abundant rainfall has significantly increased the growth and bud sets on our trees. The attached picture shows some of our Douglas Firs during a recent rainstorm.

Of course, with all the rain , we have been shearing and mowing, mowing and mowing. Our mowing techniques not only improve the beauty of the Farm but help retain moisture and improve organic content of the soil.

We are about to start planting 700 baby trees as part of our fall planting strategy. We try to plant several thousand trees each year. We use planting methods that minimize soil disturbance. This is all part of our long range farm plan that includes the improvement of air, land, water and soil and the preservation of wildlife habitats.

Our Christmas season starts the Friday after Thanksgiving. ‘See you then!